Orlando Timeshare FAQ

Inform yourself on frequently asked questions from owners on how to sell or rent out an Orlando timeshare property on the secondary market. Can’t find the information you’re looking for? Speak with a timeshare expert right now when you call 1-844-202-7605.

Orlando Timeshare FAQ

How do I sell or rent out my Orlando timeshare?

As an Orlando timeshare owner, you probably have a lot of questions regarding how timeshare sales and rentals work on the resale market, and how we can help make the process go smoothly and hassle-free. We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions below to help you get started.

How does SellOrlandoTimeshare.com help me sell or rent out my timeshare?

When you advertise with us, you are choosing to work with a company that is actively working to ensure your Orlando timeshare is rented or sold. Our advanced marketing techniques allow your ad to shine and attract the right vacationers. Our audience is one of the most active, and we only market to individuals and families specifically looking to buy or rent. We are also here for you every step of the way—from building your own personalized full page ad, to fielding offers you receive, to setting you up with a preferred closing company (if you are selling). You’ll get top rated service assisting you through the entire resale or rental process.

Will I make money on my timeshare?

When you bought your timeshare, you likely paid more than the fair market price of the unit. Beyond paying the actual price for the timeshare, the salesman who sold you the timeshare received commission from that payment, along with other sometimes hidden developer fees that drive up the cost. We always recommend pricing your timeshare for its actual worth to find a buyer faster. Need help determining the worth of your timeshare? Fill out our free Orlando timeshare market value survey and let us do the work for you.

How does ownership get transferred when someone buys my timeshare?

We take care of the closing process so you don’t have to. Upon selling your timeshare in Orlando, we will refer you to one of our most trusted closing companies to handle all the legal paperwork. They will take care of everything—including transfer paperwork, building a secure escrow account for the purchase funds, and notifying the resort of the transaction. Once the resort accepts the terms of the sale, the closing company will get a new deed set up for the buyer. After that, you will receive your final closing statement saying that the resort acknowledges that you have been relieved of any future financial obligation to them. Then, you are free of your timeshare!

How long will it take to sell or rent out my timeshare?

When selling any type of real estate, it is difficult to pinpoint when the property will sell. Our specialists work hard to give you a range of competitive market values that other owners have set as well as considering some of the recent offers that have come in on current inventory. As mentioned in the above question, a fair and affordable price will help to attract more buyers. We encourage our clients to reach out to us periodically to reevaluate their position in the market and see if any changes should be made to the asking price. Since we also offer the option to rent out Orlando timeshare, you can choose to do so to earn some money and bide your time while waiting for a buyer.

At SellOrlandoTimeshare.com, we can show you how to sell Orlando timeshare and how to rent Orlando timeshare. Have more specific questions? We’ve got answers—get in touch with us at 1-844-202-7603 or [email protected].